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quarta-feira, 8 de março de 2017

Rede Lamartine - Statement by Commissioner Vestager on a Commission decision fining six car air conditioning and engine cooling suppliers 155 million in cartel settlement

Today the Commission has decided to fine six
suppliers of car parts ca. 155 million euros for
their participation in four cartels. These suppliers
are Denso, Valeo, Behr, Sanden, Panasonic and
Calsonic. The cartels concerned air conditioning
and engine cooling components for cars. More
specifically, they concerned main parts needed in
a car to maintain the right temperature for both
the passengers and the engine. This means air
conditioning units, compressors, e-compressors
for electric and hybrid cars and engine radiators
and fans. These are essential components for
making cars. Instead of carving up markets to
suit their own interests, companies should be
competing with each other in terms of price and
innovative products. We all want cars that are
more efficient, less energy intensive and pollute
less. This requires companies throughout the car
supply chain to compete with each other for
business and to bring new and better products to
market. This was a complex investigation.

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